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Best Probiotics to Take on Holiday

October 04, 2022 3 min read

Best Probiotics for travel

It's Holiday time! 

No one wants to get sick when they travel ... (think bali belly when your on the trip of a lifetime). All that trip planning and excitement completely derailed.

Taking probiotics can make all the difference between an incident-free holiday or one spent stuck in your hotel room and missing out on all the fun!

Not only can probiotics help your digestion, they can help prevent and stop travelers’ diarrhea and boost your immune system overall. Win-Win!

You might be wondering why probiotics for travel?

Well the majority of your immune cells are in your gastrointestinal system (your gut). Probiotics contain “friendly” bacteria that populate in the gut and compete against “unfriendly” bacteria, resulting in a balanced, healthy microbiome.

According to the National Institute of Health, probiotics can make your body’s shield against germs tougher and kick your immune cells into a higher gear when they’re working to protect you against invaders.

Recently a customer of ours went to Bali, and she took Immunity Fuel every day leading up to her trip, mixing it in with her daily juice or water and then also took it with her to Bali (brilliant as it doesnt need to be kept refrigerated).

She took the probiotic every day, mixing it with filtered water or juice then a couple of times she felt the bali belly symptoms coming on..... That rolling in the belly feeling, nausea, the beginning of diarrhoea... so she increased her dose to two teaspoons a day and...the symptoms went away! 

"Love this product, it's amazing!" 
S.Cullen, Gold Coast, Australia


Now how to pick the best probiotic for you to take away....

If you’ve ever shopped for probiotics (or any vitamin or supplement), you’ve certainly seen how many brands there are with claims like, “the best probiotic for men” or “probiotics for constipation.”

I know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed and unsure about which probiotics are best!

To keep things simple follow these four easy rules:

  • Shelf stable probiotics. If a probiotic needs to be refrigerated, it’s certainly not travel-friendly.
  • Living probiotics are better than freeze dried. There’s not much sense in taking or bringing along probiotics that aren’t viable for however long your trip is. Friendly bacteria won’t do much if it’s not alive. Freeze dried bacteria need to reactivate in your gut - you need smething alive and ready to go to work!
  • Look for probiotics that have multiple strains, at least 8 so you know you are getting a good balance of the good stuff and a high quantity of cfu in every serve.
  • Look for probiotics that contain types of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and an overall diverse combination of bacteria. Lots of different strains of bacteria have been shown to be more powerful than probiotics with a single type of bacteria.

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Seven Reasons why Immunity Fuel Probiotic is your Best Travel Companion

1. Refrigeration not required - The bacteria used in our formula  have been bred to withstand temperatures of up to 55°C for up to a week.

2. The ultimate all-in-one probiotic plus multi-vitamin - Immunity Fuel not only contains all the bacteria strains our bodies need but also all the nutrients delivered at a cellular level to allow the body to heal itself.

3. Clean out your digestive system and colon -  we tend to over indulge on holidays, Immunity Fuel assists in eliminating the toxins and keeping you regular. To assist in this process it is also important to drink plenty of filtered water.

4. Fight off Stomach bugs and parasites -  If you are travelling somewhere like Bali, Sth East Asia, India or Sth America, it is common to pick up some sort of gastric upset like Bali belly... Immunity Fuel contains 15 strains of good bacteria, batch tested to ensure quality viable, live bacteria in every gram. Over 18 years of research and 2.5 million dollars of investment was spent to develop a super strain of bacteria that is contained in Immunity Fuel which have the power to overcome even the most stubborn bad bacteria and yeast. We have one of the only organic bacteria strains in the world.

5. Immunity Fuel is Australia's ONLY Probiotic Super food to include the hardiest bacteria strain - Bacillus Coagulans.  The hardiest of all the probiotic bacterias. Its able to withstand heat and survive stomach acid. Its clinically proven to fight off parasites, viruses, IBS and bloating. 

6. High Potency, Maximum Results!

7. Immunity Fuel Probiotics now come in a convenient Vege Capsule perfect for taking travelling!