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"I’ve suffered from diverticulitis and gut problems pretty much all of my life. I’m only 43 and my stomach of late has been horrible. So sore, bloated and uncomfortable. I’m a vegetarian, eat a really good diet and drink lots of water but it was never enough. 

I’m Into my second week of taking your tablets and it’s really working well for me. It’s getting rid of lots of bloating and really giving my tummy a good clean out.

I was racing to my doctor a few weeks ago screaming for a colonoscopy and what not, but since taking your tablets I feel heaps better. My partner and teen daughter are now on board too.
I’m so glad I stumbled across you guys.
I’ll be purchasing more very soon.

Bec.  NSW

"I have Ulcerative Colitis and struggled with tiredness, no energy and irregular bowel movements. I have a suppressed immune system due to the infusions I receive 8 weekly. Immunity Fuel was suggested to me and I purchased 1 tub. As I am a sceptic, during the several years of taking Immunity Fuel, when I have run out I've taken a break to see if I can notice any difference. YES I CAN! I have less energy and my bowel movements are not as regular as when I am taking Immunity Fuel. I've tried other over the counter products without seeing improvement. I recommend Immunity Fuel."

Sam, NT

"This stuff is powdered gold!! I've been taking this with my morning orange juice for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed so many changes that I didn't think were possible. I have had so many hormonal changes during this pregnancy and they have wrecked havoc on not only my body but my skin as well. Which of course took a huge toll on me emotionally. Since taking immunity fuel my skin has started to clear up, my energy is slowly returning,and almost all of my digestive issues/discomfort have either subsided or disappeared completely. Which in turn has done wonders for my emotional wellbeing. I can't recommend this product enough. It has become a staple in my diet and we will continue to repurchase every time we run out"

Kaz, Taupo

"I was spending around $200/month on a probiotic, digestive enzyme, B complex and a greens powder to assist my digestive health, now all I need is the one product "Immunity Fuel" and my digestive system is now working better then ever. My food is being digested, I'm able to eat and drink pretty much anything I want again and I'm removing toxic waste every day rather then only 1-2 times a week like I was before Immunity Fuel. I feel less bloated, I have more energy and my skin is glowing. I love this product and now I want to help others live a healthy and happy life too"

Cassie, Gold Coast

"I have been using Immunity Fuel for a little over a month along with the Maca for woman and collagen powders. I've noticed a significant difference in my energy levels which for me has been life changing as doctors had told me that i'm anaemic only in December and that I 'need' to take iron tablets, which I did not want to do. These supplements have been an additional support to further life changes i've made to aid my body in returning to its natural state and heal itself, but I couldn't recommend these products more. My body went from rejecting supplements causing side effects like constipation and heaviness, fatigue to higher energy levels and far improved digestion. Never felt better!! Highly highly recommend."

N.Zink. South Australia

"My family has been using immunity fuel for over 1 year now its a fantastic product, we barely even get a cold but if we do we fight if off within 1 day. I literally cant remember the last time any of us had antibiotics and im prone to bronchitis every year in spring. Super easy to take we take 1 teaspoon in apple juice every day. I would highly recommend this product and Cassie is just so helpful and always replies promptly to emails, keep up the good work.😁"

Lianne, Victoria

'Before I found Immunity Fuel I was having trouble with my digestive system and sleep. I was constantly feeling bloated and sleep was terrible with constant waking during the night. I had taken other probiotics in the past but they did not help as well as Immunity Fuel has. To alleviate the sleeplessness I had been taking sleeping pills and that is not a good solution at all. Since Immunity Fuel I now have no bloating, better health and better sleep! Also I have been very successful at warding off the dreaded winter flu so far. Normally at this point in the year I would have been sick for a couple of weeks already! This is a great product! It has more beneficial bacteria then anything on the market and it is easy to take. It tastes a little different at first but i find it a pleasant addition to my yoghurt and cold drinks. It might seem like an expensive product but you dont need to take any other supplements so in reality it is a great price product that is really easy to take.'

Angelina, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

"I could not speak more highly of immunity fuel. For the past year I have been having issues with bloating, gas and ongoing digestive and fungal issues. I have been on immunity fuel for around a month now and after experiencing a slight healing crisis with the detoxing of my body it is fair to say I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. I have less bloating, less reactions to foods and am regular as clockwork. I am also a early childhood teacher so I love the fact that immunity fuel is a probiotic and multivitamin in one... so convenient and it tastes great! I have had so much more energy and just feel generally awesome all round! Thanks so much for making this product 🙌"

Suvana, Oamaru, NZ

"After a misspent youth, twenties and some of my thirties, I was struggling with the effects of a poor diet and exercise regimen. Not only was I in a poor state of physical health, my mental health was beginning to suffer. This was not helped by a stressful job that didn't leave much time for proper exercise.
After meeting Cassie Brown, listening to her story and experiences, and hearing the benefits of including Immunity Fuel in my daily routine, I decided to give it a try.
After a bit of discomfort over the first few days, the changes in the first 3 weeks were very apparent. My mood had lightened, I was beginning to feel less bloated and lethargic, my improved mood led to making healthy dietary and exercise choices (yes I found time for exercise) and I began to notice my stress level diminishing. There were also positive changes in bodily function (I'll let you work out what that means). Immunity Fuel, with heaps of helpful advice from Cassie, helped me back on my way to good physical and mental health.
My habits still wax and wane from time to time, but one thing is very clear to me…… When Immunity Fuel is a regular part of my daily routine I function at a far higher level physically and mentally than when I let my good habits slip….

Immunity Fuel will help you find your way to good health, and keep you there."

Toowoomba, Queensland.

"I started taking immunity fuel as I am going through menopause and felt generally unwell. I have had gingivitis for 25 years and it had become so severe the hand basin was full of blood when I cleaned my teeth. The bleeding has stopped. in just two weeks, not a drop of blood when I clean my teeth. I never expected that and I am thrilled as it was becoming a serious problem. Not only that but I generally feel much better and have more energy and I think there is some reduction in the intensity of the hot flushes. I have realised also that the discomfort I have had in my right ear for years, has gone. The only explanation I had been given for that was referred pain from an old injury. My guts, which for years have been a problem with gas and general malaise are improving. In time, I will try gluten as I had to go off this totally some months back and prior to that was on a very low gluten diet."

Robyn, Waikato, NZ

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