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Immunity Fuel - More than just a probiotic

Immunity Fuel Probiotic Superfood is a 100% natural combination of billions of good, friendly, organic bacteria, with prebiotics & nutritious certified organic wholefoods.

These are fermented together for 3 weeks in a special process resulting in a premium natural green powder with nothing artificial added.

Immunity Fuel works on the principle of restoring good bacteria to the gut and the nutrients to the cells that the body requires to heal itself.

About immunity fuel probiotics

Immunity Fuel probiotic superfoods are pre-digested, naturally fermented superfoods which are certified organic and non-GMO.

The beneficial bacteria are a natural part of our food chain which are lacking in today’s diets due to the over-processing of our foods which reduces vitamin & mineral content. 

The wholefoods are combined with the bacteria and beneficial yeasts using an exclusive fermentation process, which ensures active, viable bacteria and pre-digested, natural nutrients.

Only the finest grains, legumes, grasses, herbs, and spirulina available are used to make our products.

Keep your gut healthy and your immune system strong

✅ Billions of LIVE good bacteria  

✅ Natural prebiotics

✅ Certified organic wholefood nutrition

✅ No artificial additives or sugars

✅ Great for the whole family

✅ Suitable during pregnancy & breastfeeding

✅ Strengthen your Immune system 

✅ Promote a healthy gut and aid digestion

✅ Increase energy & vitality

✅ Detox your body of chemicals & toxins

✅ Clean out your digestive system and colon

✅ Replace vital nutrients at a cellular level



The Fermentation Process

Floraferm™ is a unique exclusive fermentation process that prepares organic foods without destroying the natural ingredients stored within.

Additionally, this process increases the nutrition value of the finished foods, adds active good bacteria to the digestive system and helps in making our foods easier to metabolise. 

During the 3 week fermentation process, the bacteria predigest the raw wholefoods turning the proteins into amino acids which allows all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be 100% absorbable by the body's cells (at best we usually only get about 20% of the nutrient value from the food we eat). 

In the original formula, 98% of the gluten has been converted from a protein form and turned into an amino acid already. This means that most people who are gluten intolerant can take Immunity Fuel original without any issues, and the product restores the bacteria to the gut which is what is required to process the gluten in the first place.  

For those who have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, we recommend you take our gluten free formula, which is guaranteed gluten free via independent lab testing.

"I love Immunity Fuel, at 72 yrs I have never felt Better." 

Jutta Harvey 🚴💌

"Never felt better!! Highly highly recommend" 


"The gf product is amazing, Thanks Immunity Fuel!" 🙏 😊 


"My Immunity Fuel is amazing ... so worth the money"


"This stuff is pure gold!  Thank you so much Immunity Fuel for the amazing results" 


Why is immunity fuel the best organic probiotic superfood?

• 100% natural bacteria and nutritional vitamins and minerals fermented into a concentrated powder

• All you need is 1 tsp or 2 vegecaps per day 

• Completely natural, certified organic with no GMO, no dairy, and no artificial flavours or colours.

• No prebiotic is required to be taken as they are already present in the formula.

• Contains 14 strains of LIVE Lactobacillus bacteria, most yoghurts and probiotics only have a few strains.

• Contains billions of LIVE bacteria per serve.

• Our high quality bacteria are cultured using only organic fruits and vegetables. They are alive and they survive on the simple sugars (pre-biotics) contained in the formula.

• Contains raw organic whole foods which are pre-digested and therefore provide a readily available form of nutrient saturation direct to the body's cells.

• Contains all 20 amino acids which are essential for human life to exist. Our bodies require these to stay alive, healthy and energetic.

• Contains 72 omni minerals - an exclusive organic colloidal mineral complex which has been peer reviewed for their amazing positive effects on longevity, immune system modulation, detoxification of heavy metals, and countless other attributes.

• Rich in vitamins & minerals which promote a multitude of health benefits.

• The fermentation process does not use heat therefore Immunity Fuel is classed as a raw fermented food.

• Does not need to be kept refrigerated as the bacteria have been bred to withstand temperatures of up to 55°C for up to a week.

• The product is in an easily absorbable powder form, as opposed to pill form which can contain fillers and can be very difficult for the body to break down.

• A daily intake of just 1 teaspoon of Immunity Fuel is all that is required to replace the 50mls of good bacteria we lose every day.

• Immunity Fuel is the ultimate all-in-one probiotic plus multi-vitamin. It not only contains all the bacteria strains our bodies need but also all the nutrients delivered at a cellular level to allow the body to heal itself.

How do the good bacteria work?

Over 80% of our immune system is located in our gut and bacteria are the first line of defence of the immune system.

A proper balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract is the single most important factor in maintaining good health and the friendly bacteria in Immunity Fuel help support healthy immune function.

The bacteria are responsible for digestion, to provide essential enzymes, to make nutrients available to the body, to clean up cholesterol, to manufacture B vitamins, to clean out the lower bowels, to destroy bad bacteria and eliminate toxins in the body.

All life on the planet, including humans, depends upon the proper balance of bacteria being present.

There are 12 strains of Lactobacillus Bacteria in Immunity Fuel and 2 beneficial yeast strains. These bacteria are organic and sourced from fruits and vegetables. (many other bacterias are cultured on dairy, animal faeces or produced genetically).

Eighteen years of research and $2.5m have been invested to evolve these bacteria into a super strain that are resistant to many of the things that could kill them.

The formula also contains prebiotics so the bacteria do not compete with each other to protect their food source.

Immunity Fuel bacteria are alive in the product so begin their job when they enter your mouth, an important place for friendly bacteria to populate.

Every batch of Immunity Fuel is tested to ensure high numbers of active colony forming units (CFU) per gram. Each CFU has approximately 1,000,000 (1 million) bacteria in that colony.

Every cell in your body is programmed to keep rebuilding itself; all we need to do is give it the right tools to do so.

“Always remember, life is about choice. What you choose to put in your body and mind will either attract health and well-being or sickness and lack.”

Czerral Wheeler  D.V. Med, MMBM
Developer of Immunity Fuel

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