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Why take Probiotic Superfoods?

Chemicals and toxins are present everywhere in today's environment such as our food sources, water supplies, medicines, and workplaces. 

Adding good bacteria to a balanced diet may assist to clean out the digestive system and colon, and the pre-digested whole-foods replace vital nutrients at a cellular level.

What can Probiotic Superfoods do for you?

Probiotics assist digestion by increasing the bacteria that perform the digestive functions.

The good bacteria turns proteins from your food into amino acids that your body can use to function. This process neutralises acids creating an alkaline environment.  An over-acidic body can feel sluggish, tired and bloated, with body & joint inflammation, mood swings & a toxic liver. An alkaline body has reduced inflammation & bloating, strong hair, nails & bones, strong immune system and detoxified liver.

Probiotic Superfoods provide instantly absorbable nutrients direct to the cells of your body for energy & vitality

Probiotics increase the gut flora which aids the production of B vitamins. These functions are both essential for the production of energy.

Probiotic Superfoods have been used to combat Chronic Fatigue

Good bacteria works at breaking down buildup of toxins and clearing out the colon, which supports regularity of bowel movements, and may relieve constipation.

Beneficial yeasts such as Saccharomyces Boulardii and S. Cerivisiae are know to Control candida by preventing the overgrowth of the yeast Candida Albicans.  

Probiotics may relieve the symptoms of IBS, Leaky Gut & Diverticulitis by reducing inflammation and counteracting colonisation of ‘bad’ microorganisms which often cause excess gas production and digestive discomfort.

Probiotics may improve management of stress by helping to produce the happy hormone, seratonin.

Probiotics may diminish reactions to allergens such as lactose or gluten by re-populating good bacteria in the gut.

Probiotics have the potential to clear up fungal infections by balancing the amount of good bacteria in the gut and reducing over-population of bad bacterias or fungal yeasts. 

A good gut microbiome may improve sleep quality by helping to produce the relaxation hormone, melatonin.

There is evidence that probiotics can have an anti-inflammatory effect

80% of the immune system is bacterial based and in the gut. So adding good bacteria may assist to strengthen the immune system.

100% natural probiotic & multi-vitamin combined

• Certified Organic

GE free

• Contains billions of LIVE bacteria

• Contains raw nutritious whole foods

• Contains 72 omni-minerals, scientifically proven to detox the body of heavy metals & chemicals

• Contains 20 amino acids (including the 9 essential for human life to exist)

Fermented for maximum cellular absorption

• Rich in probiotics & prebiotics

• Rich in vitamins & minerals

• Vegan

• No dairy

• No GMO

• No preservatives

• No artificial colours or flavours

• Not heat-treated (it is solar dried to retain important vitamins & minerals)

• Nutrients are pre-digested by the bacteria which can remove allergens and ensure easy & instant absorption at a cellular level

• 15 powerful strains of probiotics (good bacteria and beneficial yeasts) working together

• The bacteria are bred to withstand the harsh gut environment e.g. acidic conditions

• Does not require refrigeration

• Immunity Fuel is a convenient, easy to take, natural green powder

• Just 1 teaspoon per day is all your body needs

• 50 serves in every tub!

How do good bacteria work?

Over 80% of our immune system is contained in our gut and bacteria are the first line of defence of the immune system. 

A proper balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract is the single most important factor in maintaining good health, and good, friendly bacteria help support healthy immune function. 

Good bacteria are responsible to provide essential enzymes, to make nutrients available to the body, to clean up cholesterol, to manufacture B vitamins, to clean out the lower bowels, to destroy bad bacteria and eliminate toxins in the body (to name a few).

All disease begins in the colon and it is the good bacteria's job to promote a healthy colon. All life on the planet depends upon the proper balance of bacteria being present including the human body. Every cell in your body is programmed to keep rebuilding itself; all we need to do is give it the right tools to do so.