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Gut Health - Why Is It So Important?

November 30, 2022 3 min read

Gut Health - Why Is It So Important?

Maintaining a healthy gut is critical as it can affect various different aspects of one's health. While the occasional bout of discomfort might be normal after eating certain foods, eating gut health foods can ensure that discomfort is minimised. 

What Is The Gut?

The gut is made up of the stomach, mouth, rectum, small intestine, colon, oesophagus and anal canal. Altogether, the gut is a collective term for one's entire digestive system. It is the system whereby we ingest and digest food and where the components of food are broken up to provide the necessary nutrients needed for energy and healthy living. 

The gut is filled with bacteria at all times. However, a healthy gut has a balance of more good bacteria than bad bacteria. When malevolent bacteria outnumber beneficial bacteria, one starts to experience problematic digestive issues. 

What Does A Healthy Gut Look Like?

A healthy gut can be recognised by regular bowel movements, along with a general feeling of having sufficient energy throughout the day. A healthy gut also contributes to a clear mind and the ability to concentrate and focus more easily. A healthy gut leads to a more stable and productive state of health overall. 

What Causes Poor Gut Health

Poor gut health can be caused by eating foods that contain harmful bacteria, resulting in what is commonly known as food poisoning. It can also be caused by using antibiotics. Antibiotics are designed to kill off all bacteria, including the good bacteria, leaving your gut vulnerable to the growth of bad bacteria in its place. 

Travelling can also cause negative bacterial growth in the gut, as you could be exposed to foreign bacteria that your body is not accustomed to dealing with, leaving you feeling sick. If your gut is in good health, you will experience a general feeling of well-being. Conversely,  symptoms of an unhealthy gut leave you feeling sick. 

Stress also has a huge impact on gut bacteria as it causes our bodies to become more acidic therefore negatively impacting the bacteria in our gut.

How To Maintain A Healthy Gut

Eating healthy foods and having enough fibre in your diet are essential to maintaining gut health. However, it is critical that you maintain the levels of good bacteria in your gut as well by consuming the right kinds of gut health foods. If you suspect that you have an unhealthy gut, then one of the first things you should do is seek out sources of good bacteria.

The most effective way to acquire the good bacteria you need is through probiotics.

When To Take Probiotics

- Take probiotics if you are travelling, especially to places where there may be more potential to be exposed to contaminated food or water.

- If you suspect you have suffered from food poisoning lately, taking a probiotic is also a good idea.

- Probiotics are recommended to be taken if you are taking antibiotics.

- If you are low on energy or just don’t feel quite right

- If you experience digestive issues, inflammation or sensitivities

Without probiotics and good gut bacteria, you are likely to experience not only discomfort in the gut but you may also suffer from fatigue. 

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