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Australia's Best Natural Immune Booster

Are you tired of feeling under the weather, burnt out, or exhausted?

Need a daily boost with all the nutrients, probiotics & prebiotics your body needs to get through the day?

Immunity Fuel certified organic probiotic superfood is Australia's best natural immunity booster, thanks to the billions of live bacteria contained in each teaspoon. 

Once your body receives good bacteria and vital nutrients, it has the remarkable ability to heal itself, supporting you to you stay well and on top of your game.

Welcome to targeted gut health - with everything you need, and nothing you don't - all in one teaspoon per day.


More than just a Probiotic

Immunity Fuel is a 3-in-one product containing probiotics, prebiotics and natural whole food nutrients.

These are fermented, which means the nutrients and bacteria are much more potent than ordinary supplements.

They work in synergy to create a strong immune response and provide essential nutrients directly to your cells.

The result is being able to better respond and fight off colds, flus, and viruses, while increasing energy levels, improving sleep, and detoxing the body.

How to take immunity fuel