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Probiotic Recipes Your Kids will Love

October 04, 2022 2 min read

Probiotic Recipes for Kids


 Looking for some inspiration for getting some 'good bugs' into your kids? Here are a few recipes to help, and we will update as new recipes are developed.


Here's a lovely, tasty & super healthy recipe the whole family will love! Sprinkling some Immunity fuel on a cold dessert is just another way to get the goodness in.

Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants & probiotics with the fresh zing of summer berries, everyone will love this family favourite.

Thanks to our Nutritionist Nancy for the recipe x



For the base:
1 cup of dates
1 cup of oats
1 cup of raw cashew nuts
1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
1 tbsp of vanilla
2 tbsp of coconut oil

For the ice cream:
500 g of frozen mixed berries
2 tbsp of honey
1/2 cup of coconut cream
2 eggs whites
Immunity Fuel Blackcurrant Probiotic Powder

Put all the ingredients for the base in a blender and blend until they stick together. Roll the dough in the cheesecake dish and put it in the freezer.

For the ice cream, blend the frozen mixed berries for 2 minutes until they become a powder. Add the coconut cream and the honey and blend for another minute. Add the 2 egg whites and blend for another minute until the ice cream is smooth.

Spread the ice cream on the base and put back straight into the freezer for minimum 3 hours.

Take the ice cream cake out of the freezer at least 20 minutes before serving. Add some fresh berries and sprinkle some Immunity Fuel Blackcurrant powder on top before serving.



Everyone loves bliss balls - and they are so easy to make, with no cooking required - so perfect for the kids to get in and have a go!



1 cup sunflower kernels
1 cup roasted unsalted almonds
½ cup roasted unsalted cashews
200 grams pitted dates
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp cocoa powder
½ tbsp Immunity Fuel
Desiccated coconut, cocoa powder or grinded nuts to coat.

Place nuts and sunflower kernel in a food processor. Pulse to grind, then add the dates, honey, cocoa powder and Immunity Fuel.

Process until the mixture sticks together and forms a thick, textured paste.
Scrape the mixture from the food processor into a bowl and shape into balls. Chill for 1 hour until firm.

Roll the balls in the coating of choice and enjoy!




go green Probiotic smoothie


Have a favourite recipe? Let us know and it could be published here...