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Why you need to Boost your Immune System Naturally now!

October 04, 2022 3 min read

How to Boost your Immune System Naturally

The long summer months are almost behind us, and there is a definite feeling of autumn in the air. Along with this change of season comes some inevitable sharing of cold and flu viruses doing the rounds at schools and air conditioned offices.

We all have our 'go-tos' for combating winter ills and chills however no matter what course you choose, it is likely that most people will still 'catch a cold' at some point. It is therefore more important than ever to build and maintain a strong immune system to limit the impact.  

Find out how to boost your immune system naturally either before, during or after a cold or flu infection.

How does the Immune System work?

The immune system is a busy and intricate network of cells, molecules and lymphatic tissue tasked with the vital role of protection. The cells of the immune system are known as white blood cells (WBCs).

These components can be thought of as our tiny patrol guards, examiners, enforcers, neutralizers and disposers that work together to dutifully protect our body from daily exposure to pathogenic microorganism's and foreign substances.

This meticulously designed, complex system has all basis covered when it comes to keeping us protected and in optimal health. 

As nearly 80% of our Immune System is located in our gut, the gut microbiome is crucial for boosting immunity, keeping our digestive systems running smoothly, our hormone levels balanced and our brains working properly. Therefore, it is vitally important to look after the health of your gut and digestive system.  

8 Tips to Boost your Immune System Naturally

1. Boost your immune system naturally by including foods in your diet that are high in fibre (like oats, quinoa, chia seeds, millet, wholegrains), fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kimchi, plenty of fruit & vegies, and a nutrient rich live probiotic supplement such as Immunity Fuel. Immunity Fuel Original and Gluten Free both contains a nutrient rich combination of fermented super foods with live probiotics for colds & flus including Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus strains.

2. Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables and other in-season fruits & vegetables. Fruit and vegetables that are in season are the most nutrient dense and cost effective.

3. Keep up the fluids – drink plenty of water as well as herbal tea and soups during winter. One recent study found that staying hydrated may boost a particular immune response to enable your body to better fight viruses.

4. Get adequate vitamin D from plenty of exposure to sunlight, foods such as eggs, mushrooms, oily fish e.g. salmon, or taking a Vitamin D supplement.

5. Get plenty of exercise – maintain a level of fitness through regular exercise such as walking at least 3 times a week to reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

6. Get enough sleep - Your body goes into full cell repair when you are asleep so if you are not getting enough or good quality sleep then your immune system may be affected, lowering resistance to infection.

7. Reduce Stress – practice relaxation techniques, yoga, or meditation, or just stop and read a book. Slow down and take time out for yourself. Mental distress is strongly linked with physical illness.

8. Try some antiviral herbs such as elderberry, echinacea, calendula, garlic, astragalus root, ginger, liquorice root, oregano and olive leaf.  Herbs have been used as natural remedies since ancient times and may have powerful antiviral effects against numerous viruses that cause infections in humans.

All of the above measures to boost your immune system naturally will help your body cope with the imminent cold or flu by making your immune system as strong and robust as possible. 

Also remember, most of all in these winter months it is important to keep happy and positive, stay grounded, balanced and focus on what brings you joy. Raise your vibration through love and be thankful for what you have.💚